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Nowadays the variability of the gaming industry is so huge that it is really difficult to choose something. Especially if reviewing all the new slots, it is possible to lose lots of time and still don’t find anything meaningful. Maybe it is good for some gamers, but most would like to simplify the search process. So, if you are tired of new and strange gaming features and would like to try something classical then this article is for you. Here you will find all the major information about Vintage slots and what are their peculiarities.

Logo Name Rating
Treasure Horse by Mr. Green 5/5 PLAY
Mega Joker by LeoVegas 5/5 PLAY
Break da Bank by BGO 5/5 PLAY
Fire Joker by Rizk 5/5 PLAY
Jackpot 6000 by Captain Jack 4/5 PLAY
Mystery Joker by Rizk 4/5 PLAY

A short review of Retro slot machines

Any gamer that has been using modern slots for a while, feeling a little bit of excitement and even surprise when they switch to Retro slots. Such gaming has something exclusive, starting from some classical symbols and ending with simple visualization. When discussing the gaming standards, these are 3 reel retro slot machines with a cool elevated button. Sure, there isn’t anything modern in the graphics and there are no small details in the slots. But are they really needed in such retro-styled gaming? Classical games are perfect with this awkward authenticity and small details aren’t needed at all.

Sure, you will find a variety of free Retro classic slots, but each game is special in a way. There are no identical slots, each has some minor differences. Every variant is like a separate story and anyone can enjoy it. As a rule, Retro slots may be divided into two major groups. The first one is more like old classics with anything related to the present. The designers usually try to imitate everything perfectly matching with the years when such slots only appeared. The second group mainly contains those games that are more like advanced options when compared with the usual classics.

When speaking about the icons, the traditional variants, of course, contain something standard like fruit symbols (plums, cherries, lemons) and dollar icons. One more specialty of Retro online slots is the absence of such cool sign as Wild. This icon is really common for modern gaming; however, it is almost impossible to find it in the classical variants.

Treasure Horse will impress anybody

Yes, sure you may disagree that Treasure Horse isn’t related to this group of vintage slots because it was launched recently in 2019. However, this game is in the list of classical slots, and let’s find out why this occurred. This awesome game was designed by the most professional team of experts that is called Pragmatic Play. These guys definitely know what they are doing and how free retro slots should look like. This game was fantastically designed in the form of a vintage slot, but with the coolest recent aspects that are familiar for every gamer nowadays.

The game includes this old amazing 3×3 format and all the icons are in the appropriate style to not confuse the gamers. The colors are so authentic and it adds something special to the general concept of the game.

When discussing some peculiarities of the gameplay, it is extremely simple, but it will be strange to expect something else from Retro gaming loot slots. As the theme is mainly connected with Asia, the symbols are also related to this culture. Mainly there are some features of Chinese culture and BARs. As mentioned prior, this Treasure Horse includes something new and that was mainly related to symbols. Regularly, Scatter and Wild icons won’t be in free retro slot games, though this variant contains them. This fact adds something special, you are gaming with a classical version, but at the same time, you can notice some tiny details which return us to reality. Experienced players will appreciate this.

While being using free spins in this game, you can be awarded with a multiplier, which may randomly appear. This multiplier can increase your winning chances because it ranges between 2 and 6. And the Scatter icon will add you some free spins.

Generally, Treasure Horse is a fantastic choice for all the vintage slots’ lovers with the highest RTP of almost 96 percent. This game is definitely worth your time, just try it once.


Mega Joker and real gaming experience

Maybe you have noticed several games with the title “Mega Joker”. Here we will discuss the best variant that was designed by NetEnt. This game provider produces only high-quality gaming products and all the experienced users have probably understood what do I mean under “high-quality” term. So, don’t confuse this awesome classical variant with other games with similar titles.

Despite the fact that it is a classic variant, there are added some cool features in order to make your experience even more unforgettable. It looks like a usual slot machine vintage with rather common icons such as lemons, cherries, watermelons, and others. Just by clicking on this slot, you immediately forget about everything else and feel only the atmosphere of old casinos and a standard slot machine is in front of you. This is the best that can happen with a gamer when he/she is deeply involved in the gaming atmosphere.

The gameplay really differs this variant from a huge range of the similar slots. When entering the slot at first, you are immediately involved in this retro atmosphere with 3 reels and fully enjoy your experience on the site. At the moment when you get used to everything and just waiting for a win, suddenly the situation changes. After the first jackpot, the game will be transformed automatically to another reels’ set. This level is called Supermeter and of course, the award will be much higher than in the previous version. That also means that the min stake should be also higher than before. Nevertheless, in case you are more into the first gaming level, you may easily cash in and go on with the classic variant without switching to the other. Only you control any game, try not to forget about this.

When speaking about the most important part that is called RTP, this slot has really high rates. They are almost 99 percent. Isn’t that impressive? If yes, you can easily try exploring this cool option and win huge jackpots. Why are you still waiting? It is the best possible option for any gamer.


Break da Bank is definitely the coolest classical slot 

This rather popular slots classic retro choice may have different versions or just one; it depends mainly on the chosen resource for gaming. For instance, on Rizk casino, you will find as much as three available versions such as Break da Bank, Break da Bank Again (Respin), and  Break da Bank Again. You may explore all of them and then choose the variant that works better for you, try all the options and have the highest possible jackpots.

After such as intro information about this game, let’s proceed to some important characteristics that will help any user to understand the slot’s rules better. To begin with, this slot was designed by Microgaming. It is considered to be the top progressive variant in the whole gaming industry and at the same time, it stays the classical version. Break da Bank is the usual 3 reel game with five various paylines. What is more, its betting limitations are rather wide when comparing with other online games. Every new payline requires a coin. Its size may be something between 1 and 25, which means that a max wager per every spin is something like $125. If you are a type of a gamer that prefers 5 paylines, but still want to bet the minimum sum such possibility also exists. You should spend only $5 for every spin.    

This slot isn’t considered to be really complex and that’s why any gamer even a new one can quickly understand the rules because there is no complexity at all. The icons are standard which is required for the classical gaming. Mainly you will notice only BAR, logo, and dollar icon. Also, there is a Wild sign. It can double your wins as well as substitute any other sign-on reels. If you are lucky enough to get 3 of these signs at once, you will win the highest rewards, it is for sure.


Was searching for the best slot? Then Fire Joker is for you.

When discussing cool gaming that is offered by Play’n Go, Fire Joker immediately appears in your mind. It is the most popular slot even and it is because of several factors. Some users prefer the games due to cool no deposit codes, bonus codes, or free spins that are offered on the casino. While other players are mad about the process of gambling more than anything else in the whole world.

This game has been in most of the casinos for a rather long time and it has recommended itself as the most functional and well-designed slot. When discussing some features, there are no huge differences with the previously discussed games. Standard three reels are used for gaming and there are five paylines.

The icons are usual and it is possible to call them almost iconic, because what can be more classical than old fruits. Every gamer is familiar with this classical symbols. In addition to them, there are also Sevens, Bars, and stars. Generally, there are 9 signs and every icon has another payout.

These are 2 distinctive options that can greatly influence your experience while gambling. The first to mention is respin. This means that when you have 2 winning combinations, you have a chance to respin the third reel. It may greatly increase your chances to win a huge jackpot. The second fantastic feature is Multiplier. This feature was discussed earlier in the article, so in case you need to recollect this info just scroll your webpage up.


Jackpot 6000 features in 2021

This is one more popular game that was designed by NetEnt. Despite the fact that it resembles one of the previously discussed slots, it still has some cool peculiarities that definitely stand out this game from a long list of others.

It offers Supermeter option that functions after every winning spin and you can increase your chance for higher payouts. This game is almost intuitive and any player could become an experienced user after a few spins. It is really so, you may check out this information yourself. For taking the wins – press collect and for gambling with Supermeter option just continue spinning. The process is as simple as that.

Moreover, you can easily double your wins. Sure, it is an extremely risky step, but why then so many users register their accounts on gaming platforms. Maybe because they want to experience real emotions and lose can be even more emotions for someone than a win.

One more thing that should be definitely mentioned here is RTP rate. This slot has so high value of almost 99 percent.

If after review this short description of Jackpot 6000, there are still some questions left. Then you need more practical experience with this slot. Check out any demo version on any online casino, you won’t need to sign up there. Just test this machine and decide if it is worth your time.


Mystery Joker gambling 

The game provider of this popular slot is Play’n GO. This title is rather familiar for most of the players because of the high standards that every of their product has. There is no need to describe how cool this provider is and how delighted are all the gamers with their software because it is already a fact.

Let’s proceed to the game description, but before this one more fact about gaming, with all these online casinos you may easily check out the site from another country and still gamble legally. There are no boundaries for gamers from various countries and the rules and requirements are the same for those who live in England, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.             

Mystery Joker includes the same number of reels as all classical versions. Its signs are also extremely standard, but they should be extraordinary. Otherwise, you couldn’t categorize this slot as a vintage version. These icons are hats, stars, fruits, and bells. Low signs are reworded with ×10 and higher once offer as much as ×40 and more. Hat in this game stands for Scatter icon, so when you get 3 of them you receive free play.

Furthermore, the combination of icons can be multiplied while using your free spins or other promotions. This multiplier can be as high as 100. It seems that multiplier’s value is randomly chosen, but who bothers about this if the game process is really exciting.

When summing up everything that was mentioned about Mystery Joke, it is an intuitive game with an attractive interface and huge variability of cool features. And of course, the jackpot rates are also not the last thing to mention in here. Enjoy the best gaming experience with only high-quality products.


The benefits of gaming with classical slots

Each gaming category has its pluses and minutes depending on players’ gaming preferences. Sometimes they pay attention only to bonuses and promo codes. Some users prefer a downloadable version and there are numerous other reasons. Any feedback is rather subjective, so don’t expect that you will agree with everything that is mentioned in here.

One thing that motivates people to return to classical variants in gaming is their nostalgic mood. They recollect something when gaming online, it occurs because of specific circumstances that are created in a game. So players imagine that they are sitting somewhere in old bars and you almost feel this old machine that is in front of you.

Nowadays, people don’t have so much time just to sit in the bar and talk with friends while gambling. That’s why online platforms may be really helpful. Several minutes in a game can make you feel relaxed and energetic again. It doesn’t matter winning you are or losing, the only thing that really matters is via virtual gambling you are receiving real emotions.

Here are a few pluses of online gaming:

  • You can save so much time because there is a mobile version and you can gamble whenever you are. There is no need to hurry up somewhere and to switch on your PC. Everything you need is in your pocket.
  • The simplicity of adjusting the levels of betting. It is possible to do with only a couple of clicks.
  • There are so many bonuses and every user can claim for them. Usually, after the registration you will be offered a welcome bonus and that promotes the enthusiasm of gambling greatly. Moreover, some casinos have VIP programs for clients when they can receive gifts and personalized offers regularly.
  • Online gaming is safe and fair. In this constant competition among platforms, every site’s administration tries to get as many users as possible. That’s why they create a safe surrounding for the gamers and add lots of cool features.
  • Online gaming has much higher rates of payout when comparing with offline software. You can easily check out this info on your favorite casino.
  • You can play several games at a time.


Summing up

Retro slots have brought something special in our modern world when lots of new and new games are added on the sites. They’ve created such an atmosphere of safety and stability and that you can stay in one moment. The quality of such slots, of course, is much better than in the past, because of new technologies. However, you won’t notice any modern details in the slots, they are so professionally designed that non-professional will hardly see any innovational features there.

If you are a fan of retro games, then I hope you have found something meaningful for you in this article. Nevertheless, in case you are a new gamer and have never used such games, there were mentioned quite lots of variants for you. Enjoy and win huge jackpots!