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Online casino experience has been changed greatly for a recent couple of years. Starting with usual slots and no more in the list and now you can have Live casino experience and win really huge jackpots. Moreover, this cool mobile versions and apps are just fantastic. You may ask, what more can be added to impress the clients? The answer is simple – offline casino slot games. Usually, users prefer online experience on the site and rarely download awesome software that is also available on your favorite online platforms. So, if you have no idea about the usage of such offline slots, their functionality, and more. Just go on reviewing this article and you will get the most recent information on this topic.

Logo Brand Rating
Vegas Casino 5/5 PLAY
Sun Palace 5/5 PLAY
RedFlush 5/5 PLAY
ClubWorld 4/5 PLAY
Slots of Vegas 4/5 PLAY


What are the best platforms to try offline casino slots?

More and more online casinos open such features for the clients, but still not all have cool software with awesome graphics and interface. Here you will find a few fantastic sites where you can easily and quickly download offline versions and start your cool experience.

  • Vegas Casino is a platform, which is really popular among users mainly because of the availability of the downloadable version. Yes, sure for some options you will need an internet connection, but there are only a few things that you cannot do offline. The most enjoyable thing is that offline casino slots are added gradually. It means that immediately after the registration you will have several options, but the higher you are on the gaming loyalty program the more variants will open for you. It is a cool part of a VIP policy. Here are some games that you may check out: Greece Gods, Ancient Egypt, Merry Christmas, Halloween, Blackjack21, and some others.
  • Sun Palace is one more site that has free slots downloads offline. There are no huge differences when comparing with the usual on the site version. So, if you have been using this platform for a long time and then decided to download software, you won’t notice any difference. The download process will take only a couple of seconds and the resource is available for Windows and Mac OS devices. After downloading you need either to log in with an existing account or create a new user.
  • RedFlush casino offers a cool experience for those gamers who prefer desktop versions more than anything and are mad about offline slots. The process of registration is the same as on the site, the only difference is that you should download and install the software. And immediately after this, you are free to claim for a huge variety of no deposit codes, free spins, and the welcome offer that can be almost $700 after your initial deposit. Moreover, just with one registration, you will have several options for login via your PC or mobile gadget. The login and password will be the same. So, enjoy all the available options and any sort of gaming.
  • ClubWorld is considered to be one of the most reliable platforms for gamers. Users from any country sign up there. Despite the fact that the office is in England, users from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia can also gamble on the site and PC version without any difficulties. After the downloading and installation, every user is offered a welcome bonus. However, it is only for the new clients while those who signed up on a web version of the site and then decided to switch for PC version are considered as existing gamers and they have no opportunity to claim for this offer. One more thing to know is that you can start using free slots offline only after your initial deposit.
  • Slots of Vegas Casino also has free slots offline for all the registered gamers. The process is as simple as in the above-mentioned platforms. Usually, players don’t experience any difficulties during this first stage of sign up. And that is only due to a team of experts who have created the safest and the most reliable place for any gamer. This casino is a certified anti-virus site. That means that there won’t be any limitations during your installations, because the antivirus can block unreliable soft, right away.


Why lots of gamers prefer slot machines offline?

Gamers have rather different attitudes toward gambling and their preferences are so different. Some like only mobile casinos, while others couldn’t understand this so-called “unreal” experience on the small screen without the needed sound effects.

The same thing is with those who are more into real-money gaming and those who prefer slots without WIFI connection.

Why gamer choose offline access? To begin with, you may enjoy gaming without any dependence from the internet connection. When abruptly something goes wrong, you may still use offline slots and don’t experience any discomfort because no internet needed. Also, there are no limitations for the game sessions, due to the fact that you aren’t spending any money. You are just getting cool experience and learn the game tactics without any kind of loss what so ever.


Are there any benefits of casino downloading?

Except of the above discussed popular casinos, any gamer could also download slot games play offline. In such a way, you will enjoy your favorite slots without internet connection and have a cool practice of your tactics. However, the downloaded version of the casino, but not a simple slot, will give you more options. First of all, the variability of games will be much better, they will be organized in a particular way, there will be access to bonus codes, promo codes, and promotions. Moreover, if you participate in a loyalty program, you can use different methods of connection to the platform via an application, website, your Smartphone, or mobile version of the site. And while log in via different gadgets you will still have the same account with the same level of gaming progress and the same amount of bonuses.

Of course, let’s not forget about the fact that downloading is free of charge and almost instant.


How to play for real money while using offline casinos?

Lots of people think that offline games are something that you can use for fun, but it isn’t serious gambling because you cannot get huge jackpots or any wins at all. Nevertheless, it is delusion and the PC version is as functional as a web casino.

You may use both deposits and withdraws on your PC version of the site and they are as instant as when you are doing your transactions on the site. Here are a few recommendations for new games. If you have never used offline platforms before, it may be really helpful:

  • Log in or register an account;
  • Go to the payments in your account;
  • Choose the need method of deposit;
  • Add your credit card details and make the first deposit;
  • Now you are ready for gaming.

Remember one thing, yes there are different payment methods on your application, but the process may be slightly different for every method. For instance, some banks require additional approval for the transaction, it is more frequent for deposits than for withdrawals.

The methods of payments are so variable that everybody can find the best possible option. They usually include e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, and also digital currencies. The most popular variants of transactions are PayPal, Visa, Bitcoin, MasterCard, Skrill, and Paysafe Card.

Such variants are used for withdrawals as well as for deposits. As a rule, deposit is instant and withdrawals will take some time. Also, remember that there are some limitations to both withdrawals and deposits on any casino. Furthermore, there may be some limitations for a specific sum that you can cash out per day, week, and even month. Usually, gamers don’t pay attention to these numbers, but if the jackpot exceeds these limitations you may do several transactions in order to withdraw the whole sum. It is a fact that online currencies and e-wallets function quicker than card transactions.

That’s almost all as for money cash out on the offline casino. If you still have some specific questions relating to the topic, you should better check out all the recent updates and terms on the chosen casino. It should be done due to the fact that most casinos have some minor differences when speaking about cash outs and limitations.


Important information about the percentage of payout

Payout rate is almost identical on both PC and web versions of the site. This percentage is a certain sum that is returned to the gamer. For instance, RTP that is 98 percent means that for every $200 that you will spend, $196 will be returned to you. So, it is recommended to choose those slots with higher RTP, in such a way you will have chances to get higher wins. It occurs because your play time is prolonged because of a doubled sum on the account.

This percentage may be different, the average numbers for offline casinos are something between 86 and 98 percents. The higher the percentage is the better for you. The best recommendation is to concentrate on higher rates and don’t gamble on those that are below 90.

The thing that disappoints most of all when using offline platforms is that progressive jackpots usually have a lower percentage of payout.


Short information about bonus’ availability

Offline casinos have similar features to those that are offered on the web version on the site. As a rule, such offers include free play, instant gifts, multipliers, deposits bonuses, no deposit options, and even gambling journeys for VIP gamers with the highest level. The bonuses are usually personalized to every gamer and depending on his/her level the number of these offers may be different.

Also, the claim process for the bonus depends on the platform that you are using right now. Some offline casinos offer access to several bonuses at a time, while others allow using only one bonus at a time.

That’s almost all as for the some general bonuses that every casino offers. If you need more detailed or specialized data, you should better check it out on the chosen platform and review all the terms and conditions.


Meaning of some offline slot symbols

If you are an experienced gamer then probably this topic will be uninteresting for you. So, just skip it and proceed to reviewing something more informative for you. However, lots of new gamers that sign up in 2021 are frequently searching for such kind of info online. Hope this short paragraph will be really helpful to you.

Of course the number of existing symbols is really huge. Moreover, new slots are launching regularly and they are also adding new symbols. So, there you will get the most general info according to the most frequently used signs.

Basic symbol is really noticeable in most of the available slots. When you win the line with the standard symbols, the money are paid out. Depending on the game, these signs may be oranges, lemons, cherries, melons, or grapes (if using classical or retro slots) and Jack, Nine, Queen, Ten, or Ace (in case you are using more recent versions of slots).

777 symbol is giving a certain sum of money when it appears. In some situation, two of them are enough and in some cases, 3 and more are required for a win. Most of the games have the winning line from the left to the right, but other options are also available with this icon.

Wild sing is really rather frequent while gambling. Of course, not all slot machines have it, but you can notice it regularly. This cool sign functions as a replacement of any symbol when appearing in the winning line. For instance, if the cherry icon is on the 1st and 2nd reel then Wild on the 3rd will replace the actual cherry symbol. Initially, it was a rule that Wild can replace only standard symbols, however, now the situation has changed and it can replace other icons as well. Moreover, now there exist other modifications of this icon, such as multiplier wild, walking, and expanding wild symbols.

The next important symbol is “Scatter”. It is considered to be one of the most ancient symbol. As all of the other mentioned icons, it functions for pay outs if enough appear on the screen. This symbol is considered to be uncommon and it will hit a win even if appear on any reel. Except of pay outs, such icon can also give a gamer few additional free spins. Usually, for 3 icons, you may receive 10 free spins and the more reels reach the goal the more free offers are available.


Summing up

Offline casinos are as popular as usual web versions and as functional. Maybe sometimes the game collection isn’t as huge as on the site and that stops some gamers from downloading the software. Despite of some minor disadvantages there are lots of benefits. The major one is of cause the possibility to save money and develop a professional strategy of gaming. Except of demo versions without any risks for your currency, you may have all the same features as web version’s users. The choice of the gambling versions depends only on you. So make a list of your preferences and choose one options or use several at a time.

Good luck and have the highest jackpots and enjoy the most unforgettable gaming experience right now!